Sunday Services Strategic Plan

For every Sunday service at Summit, a variety of tasks need to be completed, which require planning and coordination from a small group of dedicated volunteers. The Sunday Services Committee is comprised of the following components:

  • Choir
  • Sunday Music and Musicians
  • Ushering (greeting set up, welcoming, offertory)
  • Sound System (set up and operations)
  • Sunday Café (salon operations)
  • Flowers (coordination and presentation) Each component of the Sunday Services Work Group is lead by one or more leaders and their tasks are accomplished with volunteers.

The leaders and volunteers are self directed and do not have the same structure as other committees.


To assist in the creation of inspirational services that flow smoothly and embody our liberal religious heritage, including diverse holiday services and those recognizing lifespan transitions.


  • Assure the Sunday morning experience before, during and after the service is in keeping with the standards of Summit and UU principles.


  • Keep in communications with the Minister.
  • Provide guidance as needed to lay and guest service leaders.
  • Maintain a calendar of services topics and Service Associates, including a full complement of summer services, in accord with our mission.

Specific Measurable Goals 2017-18

  1. Sabbatical Administrator and Sunday Services Committee members will coordinate with guest Ministers and staff to assure the continuance and flow of Sunday Services during Rev Frank’s sabbatical.
  2. Minister will provide Worship Education toward the establishment of a Worship Guild to increase member involvement in the preparation of Sunday Services.

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