Social Action Strategic Plan


We will facilitate social action activities, providing Summit with the context for compassionate action in the greater community.


  • Provide a conduit for the Summit community to act in accordance with UU principles regarding social action
  • Attract participants of all ages to Summit social action opportunities
  • Organize 3 three-month social action project modules designed to focus intensively on areas of concern
  • Communicate, explain the context, history and results of social action projects to SAC committee members and to the congregation
  • Create connections among members of Summit, the greater community and the people we serve through our projects

Specific Measureable Goals for 2017 -1018

  1. Hold monthly meetings
  2. Create and maintain an annual calendar of social action events and name of person(s) committed to run each activity
  3. Promote planned activities to the members and friends of Summit
  4. Produce a handbook describing how projects are organized and carried forward

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