Justice Ministry Strategic Plan


  • To engage in advocacy for public policies that:
    • uphold the worth and dignity of all people.
    • further justice, equity and compassion in human relations and for animals.
    • ensure the use of the democratic process.
    • protect religious freedom.
    • promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence.


  • Maintain regular contact with UU Legislative Ministry of CA to obtain information regarding their upcoming actions.
  • Maintain regular contact, and coordinate actions, with SUUF SAC.
  • Monitor relevant pending legislation at both State and Federal levels.
  • Through contact with legislators, support and/or oppose relevant pending legislation and legislative discussions.
  • Propose legislation to UULM CA, and/or CA and Federal legislators.


  • Inform interested SUUF members and friends of pending legislation via email.
  • Inform interested SUUF members and friends of pending Legislative Ministry actions via email.
  • Establish campaigns of contacting elected representatives through writing, phone calls and in-person meetings.
  • Inform all SUUF of such campaigns through written and verbal announcements: newsletters, eNews, website, Kiosk, Order of Service, and Sunday Services.
  • Participate in cluster, State and National LM events. Make SUUF LM brochure.
  • Recruit participants for various actions and events.
  • Forward Team Meeting Minutes to SUUF SAC leader for distribution to SAC members.
  • Assist UULM CA with fundraising.

Specific Measurable Goals 2017 – 2018

  • Develop contacts and pass on justice ministry work from cluster and state UU groups to Summit.
  • Promote and support action events on targeted JM issues which are sponsored by allies leading to Summit being able to take the lead on our own actions.
  • Build interest in JM at Summit, write 3 articles and have a table during congregational events.
  • Help Summit select and display JM messages and slogans on campus and at events.
  • Establish contact lists and procedures improve attendance and coordination for actions.
  • Working with other organizations, participate in one public action a month.

General Measurable Goals 2018 – 2019

  • Develop and sponsor 4-6  Summit JM actions.
  • Send members to UUJM CA leadership/witness events.
  • Maintain contacts and lines of communications with cluster and state JM.
  • Justice Ministry will be recognized as a sustained function of Summit’s ministry.
  • 2-4 action events will become a regular calendar item for Summit
  • Relationships with allied Social Justice organizations are established.

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