Generosity Committee

Mission Statement

To guide the congregation along a path of generosity, in which individuals understand how their financial contributions, to the best of their ability, reflect their commitment to support the mission of SUUF in making a difference in our community and in our world.


  • With input from the board, establish a pledge goal to meet budgetary needs to further the Summit mission
  • Design a campaign to raise funds toward that goal
  • Execute the campaign to seek to meet the goal
  • Recognize and include both fundraising and friend-raising components that secure funds and build community
  • Educate congregation of financial needs and how their contributions can support the mission
  • Coordinate annual pledge drive with other fundraising campaigns throughout the year, e.g., planned giving, auction, special projects


  • Generate pledge drive publicity materials, e.g., letters, brochures, charts, newsletter articles
  • Recruit and train volunteer stewards and team captains to carry message
  • Solicit contributions from membership

Specific Measureable Goals 2017 – 2018 

  1. Meet the projected budgetary goal for the annual pledge drive
  2. Work with Membership Committee and minister to secure pledges from new members during the year
  3. Increase pledging percentage of membership
  4. Increase pledges of the two lower quartiles to match UUA guidelines
  5. Secure pledges from those currently not pledging to cover costs of committed denominational support (local, district and national contributions)

General Goals 2018 -2022 

  1. Grow annual stewardship among congregation
  2. Cultivate culture of generosity
  3. Consider a capital or special projects campaign for future
  4. Develop campaigns around mission fulfillment rather than financial needs


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