Finance Strategic Plan


The mission of the Finance Committee is to monitor the finances of the Fellowship, develop an annual budget, and to advise the Board on significant trends and issues affecting its financial condition.


  • Maintain a finance management system that accurately accounts for the revenues and expenditures of the Fellowship.
  • Ensure that the Congregation is kept fully informed about Summit’s financial health
  • Ensure that the accounting practices used are in full compliance with the applicable accounting standards, laws and regulations.
  • Serve as adviser to the Board on strategies for coping with anticipated changes in membership and revenue.
  • Support the annual pledge campaign.
  • Recommend a balanced budget.


  • Develop yearly budgets for Board and Congregational approval.
  • Develop long-term pro forma budgets (5 to 10 years) as needed.
  • Monitor incomes and expenditures and provide quarterly summaries to the Board and the Congregation, including budget, expenditures and sources of revenue.
  • Manage monetary assets, including making investments.
  • Provide relevant financial data to the Stewardship and Capital Campaigns and other fundraising activities.
  • Confirm that the Treasurer provides periodic and confidential status reports to the Minister and Board President regarding pledge commitments.
  • Confirm that the Treasurer provides financial status information with our quarterly pledge statements.
  • Provide short articles for the eNews and monthly newsletter.
  • Send committees periodic financial statements.
  • Formulate measurable goals at the beginning of the year to be attained by the committee during the year
  • Submit a report annually addressing (a) the state of the committee itself, e.g. membership, clarity of its mission, objectives, responsibilities, and annual goals (b) the committee’s success in attaining its goals; and (c) documenting the challenges face by the committee in fulfilling its mission.

Specific Measurable Goals 2017-2018

  1. Develop viable balanced budget with decreasing mortgage principal.
  2. Maintain and monitor the financial management system.
  3. Provide financial information to the Board and congregation at scheduled meetings/events.
  4. Communicate financial updates to congregants via periodic statements and e-news.
  5. Provide financial information and recommendations to the Board, to address the ongoing challenge that expenses are increasing faster than income, which impacts planning for future staffing, programs and operational expenses.
  6. Support the annual pledge campaign.

General Measurable Goals 2018-2022

  1. Develop and support financial goals necessary to implement the long-term strategic plan.
  2. Develop and support financial plans to cover the costs of major facility repairs and upgrades as needed.
  3. Continue to monitor the congregation’s finances, develop viable balanced budgets and provide financial advice to the Board of Directors.


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