Covenant Group Planning


To facilitate small group experiences for members and friends aimed at deepening a sense of community and spiritual growth and expanding our perceptions.


  • To recruit, train and support facilitators and to assure the continued effectiveness of covenant groups.


  • Educate/inform the congregation about covenant groups.
  • Have a yearly sign-up for covenant groups.Recruit enough facilitators to meet the demand for covenant groups.
  • Orient/train facilitators to develop, improve or enhance facilitation skills.
  • Support and offer suggestions to facilitators for issues in their groups.
  • Brainstorm topics for monthly covenant groups.
  • Review topic from the previous month to assess its impact within the groups.
  • Coordinate with Membership Committee to assure covenant group info is current and disseminated to new members.

Specific Measurable Goals 2017-18

  1. Meet regularly and keep groups going while Frank is on Sabbatical leave with Pat Bryning as lead facilitator.
  2. Assist Newcomers group in forming a stand alone Covenant group by Summer.

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