Strategic Planning Strategic Plan


To crystallize and articulate the aspirations of the Summit UU Congregation and advise the Board on the strategies, structure, plans, policies and procedures required for attaining them.


At least one member shall be a current member, or immediate past President, of the Board of Directors. The Strategic Planning Committee will have a minimum of four members at all times. Appointment of members and Chair, as well as tenure, to be decided by the Board.

Objectives & Aspirations

  • To assist the Board and the Minister to develop long-term strategies and plans for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Summit as an organization.
  • To facilitate the process of Board oversight of committee functions and activities.


  • Issue a revised multi-year plan annually.
  • Assist Summit Committees, Task Forces and other groups in formulating missions, strategies, plans, policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate annual summary report of achievements and activities of Summit Committees, and Task Forces.

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