Children’s Religious Exploration Strategic Plan


Our Mission is to create a safe and welcoming spiritual home for children and youth through creative exploration of the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources.


We aim to:

  • Nurture compassion and critical thinking
  • Instill a passion for social action
  • Develop each child’s/youth’s sense of place in the larger Summit, Unitarian Universalist, and global communities.


  • Have a Sunday morning Religious Exploration program that teaches Unitarian Universalist identity, history, principles and sources.
  • Provide age-appropriate social action education and opportunities.
  • Provide age-appropriate opportunities with cluster, district and denominational UU’s.
  • Provide additional programs to support healthy whole-person development in a safe community, including Our Whole Lives (OWL), Coming of Age (COA), clubs, etc.
  • Work towards providing a Lifespan Religious Exploration Program for Summit, which includes: Children’s Religious Exploration Committee & Subcommittees, Youth-Adult Empowerment Committee, Young Adult Group, Adult Life Enrichment classes & groups
  • Provide opportunities for authentic intergenerational activities within Summit.

Specific measurable Goals 2017-2018

  • GROW Nursery
  • Children’s Music – Choir &/or Recorder Group
  • After Church Kids Clubs
  • RE Field trips for classes
  • Participate in cluster Bridging program for our High School Seniors
  • Support the forming of a young adult group
  • CRE Committee Sub Committees/Coordinators for activities (OWL, Camp, YRUU, Summer Program, TFAA Etc.)
  • Work on strong child safety policies
  • To continue to grow the Religious Exploration program for infant through high school.
  • To continue to support and nurture a volunteer team that includes parents, youth and the larger Summitfellowship. This includes volunteers for teaching teams, committees, clubs, events and community involvement.
  • Continued support of programs and goals from 2016.
  • To nurture and grow the Nursery to offer support to families with young children.
  • To offer a Coming of Age experience for our 9th and 10th grade youth this spring.
  • To offer Our Whole Lives to families with elementary age children this fall.
  • To develop “After Church” Clubs for children and youth. The following are in the planning process with plans to implement in the Fall:
    • Youth Choir
    • Minecraft Club (ChlaiceCraft)
    • Knitting and Crochet Club
    • Have a Sunday morning Religious Exploration

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