Caring Strategic Plan


The Summit Caring Committee, in conjunction with the Minister, provides support services to members and friends of the Fellowship during difficult times.


  • Organize volunteers
  • Maintain a network of volunteers
  • Match human resources with the needs of members and friends of Summit
  • Maintain open and regular communications with the Minister.


  • Provide transportation when necessary to Summit events, medical and other appointments, shopping and other essential errands
  • Keep in touch with those in need and provide practical assistance when appropriate
  • Visit the ill and homebound
  • Assist with memorial services
  • Maintain confidentiality

Specific Measurable Goals 2017-18

  1. Continue to fulfill ongoing mission of our committee.
  2. Ensure that people who are new to Summit are aware of our committee and its activities
  3. Have all members and friends fill out an “Emergency Contact” form so that we know who to notify if we have concerns
  4. Continue information table for one month of Sundays each year to educate Summit members and update our volunteer list.
  5. Sponsor/organize educational opportunities for members and friends related to caregiving, aging, commu nication, etc.
  6. Conduct self-evaluation of the effectiveness of our committee annually

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