Campus Improvement

The Campus Improved committee was created by a congregational vote in 2014. The committee is composed of the property steward, the board treasurer and an at large board member. It is a closed committee and not open to any other summitarian or friend of Summit.  The goals of the Campus Improvement committee are limited to the following:

  • To oversee the campus improvement/emergency expenditure fund.
  • To review written requests for expenditures based on applicability and priority of need in the view of the committee.
  • All such written requests must first go to the property steward in order to be brought to the attention of the committee.
  • The committee makes recommendations to the SUUF board on appropriate campus improvement expenditures.
  • It is beyond the purview of this committee to execute or supervise any board approved actions.

Specific Measurable Goals 2017-18

  1. Complete the bid process and execution of roof job for the Summit building.
  2. Continue monitoring for termites on property and maintain active contract with Hi-Tech Termite Control.
  3. Continue to prioritize other campus improvement projects in the CIC pipeline such as Salon restroom flooring, blinds for campus window areas, etc.
  4. Attempt to anticipate projects early enough to propose dedicated budget lines to finance committee each spring when finance is in early budget planning stage.

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