Summit’s Vision Statement

Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a growing, caring, intergenerational congregation of diverse backgrounds embracing the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We are committed to promoting spiritual and personal growth, social justice, environmental awareness and participation in the greater community.

Summit’s Mission Statement

“In spiritual community, we commit ourselves to building a compassionate, just and sustainable world.”


Most of the work at Summit is accomplished through committees where small groups of members or friends work together to accomplish a specific task.  Each committee has a mission, objectives, responsibilities and goals for the current year.  Committees offer the opportunity for those interested in a particular area to get involved in making thinks happen in that area.


Note: News Posts for the following Committees can only be accessed once you have logged in as a member.

Chair: Suzanne McQuaide

Campus Improvement
Chair: Mark Weedman

Chair:  Janet Dixon

Children’s Religious Exploration (CRE)
Chair:  Liz Groff

Covenant Group Planning
Chair:  Pat Bryning

Craft Fair Committee
Chair:  Neal Biggart

Cultural Events Committee
Co-Chairs:  Pam Kerr & Kiryn Kerr

Endowment Trustees
Chair:  Debbie Wingard

Chair: Debbie Wingard

Chairs: Pam Williams & Katie Boskoff

Chair:  Connie Henry

Chair:  Easton Bajsec

Justice Ministry
Chair: Jack Shu

Landscape Maintenance
Chair:  Tom Biggart

Chair:  Michelle Beauchamp

Chair:  Laurel Bernstein

Music Strategic Plan
Music News

Chair:  David Hopkins

Chair: Sandy Bernstein

Planned Giving
Chair:  Carol Davis

Sabbatical Task Force
Chair:  Toni Rogers

Social Action
Chair:  Jerilyn Harris
Go to  Social Action Committee  for more information.

Strategic Planning
Chair: LaMar Rogers

Sunday Service Committee
Chair:  Toni Rogers

Website Committee
Chair:  Don Jania-Smith
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