About Summit


Who We Are

  • Learn more about Summit along with Summit’s Vision and Mission Statements.

A Religion for Today

  • Unitarian Universalists are committed to the notion that religion is more about how you act in your life than about what your particular beliefs are at any particular time. (UUs realize that personal beliefs may — and perhaps even should — evolve and change over time.)

What’s a UU?

  • Find answers to some common questions about Unitarian Universalism see the seven common principles promoted by Unitarian Universalism.

“We Are Unitarian Universalist” Video

The Covenant of Right Relations

  • Provides a clear statement about how our values and principles can best be demonstrated by our actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you want to know about Summit?

A Brief History of Summit

  • Learn about Summit’s past.


  • Most of the work at Summit is accomplished by committees.  Check out the committees along with their Mission, Objectives and Goals.





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