A Religion for Today

Unitarian Universalists are committed to the notion that religion is more about how you act in your life than about what your particular beliefs are at any particular time. (UUs realize that personal beliefs may — and perhaps even should — evolve and change over time.)

Within a UU congregation like Summit, people might hold very different ideas about gods, the afterlife and other ultimate questions. We encourage everyone to search for truth with an open mind. Questions are often considered more important than answers. Spiritual and ethical practices and their effects are emphasized. Orthodoxies and rigidly held opinions are challenged. Believers, non-believers, and seekers of all kinds who are open to critical inquiry and the thoughtful explorations of life’s experiences can feel welcome here.

So what do we believe?

In some ways, Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a lot like other religious communities. We call ourselves and others to care for those in need. We promote honesty and teach our children to be considerate of others and the world around us.

We are a liberal religious community that practices regard for the worth and dignity of every person, regardless of gender, creed, race, or sexual orientation.

We extend and defend the right of each person to find his or her own spiritual path, and covenant to support one another on our personal journeys toward wholeness and fulfillment.

While we may differ in our individual religious and philosophical leanings, we draw upon the tremendous healing power of this supportive, caring community.

We actively participate in social action to promote positive change, lessen human suffering, and meet real-life needs in San Diego and beyond.

We have F-U-N! We love music and food. We frequent gatherings to celebrate the joys, transitions, and sorrows of life. Together we enjoy life’s many pleasures and stand together in awe of its many mysteries.

We invite you to come by some Sunday morning or attend one of our many Community-supported activities, to experience for yourself some of the many wonderful things we’re up to here at Summit.

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