The Joy of Just Eating

Think you’ve heard about food and spirituality? Think again! Our guest speaker, a UU expert on the food and spirituality, will make the case for three counter-intuitive ways of thinking about food and faith.

  • First, you are not what you eat.
  • Second, rather than putting our faith into action, it’s better to take our faith out of our actions.
  • Third, rather than following anyone’s food rules–including these–we should eat whatever makes us happy.
Believe it or not, this unorthodox approach to eating is justice-based, different for every individual and family, and can become an increasingly effortless spiritual practice, three times a day.

Select the button in the lower right of the player to hear an audio of the sermon. It may take up to 30 seconds for the audio to begin. Note: the speaker may refer to slides presented during the service. You will not have these slides to refer to. To become familiar with the other features of the player, select the link features.

Speaker: Rev. John Gibb Millspaugh
Length: 25:30
Date: October 22, 2017
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