Rebate Program

Earn Rebates for Summit with Your Grocery Purchases1.   Go to  Click on “Sign Up” and then register your Vons Club card.  Summit’s eScrip ID number is 137317890.  You must renew your Vons registration annually by November 1 by clicking on “Renew.”2. Register and re-register your Ralphs Club card with the Ralphs Community Contribution Program  every year by September 1 at  Summit’s Ralphs NPO number is 80942.  Click on “Community Contribution” and then on “Participants.”  There’s a form in Summit’s office for those who wish to register by mail.

3.  Get an Albertsons Community Partners card from the file in Summit’s office and present it at checkout along with your Albertsons Preferred Savings card until the two are linked.  It is also possible to register your Albertsons card at  Click on “In the Community” and on “Shoppers.”  Call Customer Care at 1-877-932-7948 if you have trouble during the on-line application process.


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