Planned Giving

There are two main ways to support Summit financially – first through annual giving to the annual pledge drive and other fund-raising campaigns, and second, longer term generosity through planned giving. Planned gifts support the Summit mission by creating a firm financial foundation in service to future Summit generations.  They constitute the most important way that Summit builds its Financial Reserves and Endowment Fund. These funds support Summit when special needs arise, such as major building repairs, and can provide a steady income that enables Summit to offer programs that would not be possible through annual fund-raising alone.

Click on the questions below to learn more about planned giving at Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. The questions below are designed to give you basic information about planned giving.  This website does not purport to give you legal or tax advice.  Before executing a planned gift, please consult with your legal or tax advisor.

What are planned gifts?
How does Summit use planned gifts?
Can I restrict a planned gift to a particular program I value?
How can planned gifts be useful to the donor?
How does Summit manage assets donated via planned gifts?
Must you notify Summit if you include it as a beneficiary in a will, life insurance, retirement plan, or trust?
How does Summit recognize planned gifts?
How can I find out more?

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