Upcoming Services

December 10  “Holiday Play – CLUUE!”   Children’s Religious Exploration
This year our Holiday Play was written by our own Elanor Spring! Come join us as questions are asked and mystery is explored. How do you celebrate the season? We will follow the clues to discover deeper meaning together.

December 17   “Come Again?”    Rev. Frank Placone-Willey
The Advent Season is traditionally a time for waiting and watching for the dawning of new possibilities and pathways to a better life and a better world. Rev. Frank will invite us to reflect upon our own “second (and third, and fourth, etc., etc,) comings,” and the opportunities we are repeatedly afforded for participating in the creative processes of our universe.

December 24   “Darkness and Light: A Communal Reflection”    Rev. Frank Placone-Willey
On this morning before Christmas Day, Rev. Frank will host an informal gathering for guests and interested Summit Members in which together we will reflect upon the meaning of this Season of Lights for us and our particular life circumstances.  Come as you are, in your jeans or jammies, for an hour of community contemplation and fellowship in the Christmas Spirit.

December 24, Christmas Eve, 5 p.m.    “A Dickens of a Christmas”     Rev. Frank Placone-Willey
In the character of Ebeneezer Scrooge created by Unitarian Charles Dickens we find the wide range of attitudes and behaviors available to us. For example, we can be fearful and focused on scarcity, or we can be loving and generous. Is conversion from the former to the latter even possible? This Christmas Eve come all ye faithful to celebrate in song and pageantry the resounding “yes” in response to such questions, long proclaimed by the spirits of past, present and future.

December 31     “This Widening Gyre”     Rev. Frank Placone-Willey
Stability does not last. The “centers” of life we took for granted are not holding. Increasingly, hurtfulness and hatefulness are encroaching on our lives, and those of us who have rested so easily in the temporary bosom of white, middle-class life in these United States are being weaned to face a New Year that, without a fierce commitment to justice and loving action, threatens only to fall more deeply into the wells of suffering and oppression.

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