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August 6:   “The Universe Story” — Rev. Dr. Don Stouder
 In this sermon, Rev. Don re-visits a favorite topic from his early sermons at Summit in the late nineties, namely Creation Spirituality and the work of Matthew Fox and Brian Swimme. Where are those thinkers today, and what effect has Creation Spirituality had on twenty-first century religion?
Aug. 13:  “And God Laughed” — Rev. Jennifer Channin
They say that the way to make God laugh is to tell God your plans. Let’s explore our goal-oriented culture, and maybe learn to laugh at ourselves too.
Aug. 20: “The Stuff of Life” — Rev. Jennifer Channin
What is our relationship to the things we own? How does our stuff shape and transform us? Would we be more or less ourselves without our stuff?
Aug. 27:  “No Good News In This Sermon” — Rev. Jennifer Channin
In which we contemplate the impossibility and absurdity of being good, reconsider the idea of Original Sin, and maybe experience some awe and reverence.
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