Upcoming Services

October 22  “Earth, Eating, and Justice” — Rev. John Millspaugh
Think you’ve heard about food and spirituality? Think again! Our guest speaker, a UU expert on the food and spirituality, will make the case for three counter-intuitive ways of thinking about food and faith.

  • First, you are not what you eat.
  • Second, rather than putting our faith into action, it’s better to take our faith out of our actions.
  • Third, rather than following anyone’s food rules–including these–we should eat whatever makes us happy.
Believe it or not, this unorthodox approach to eating is justice-based, different for every individual and family, and can become an increasingly effortless spiritual practice, three times a day.

October 29  What Is UU Music?”   —  Dan Ratelle, a retired long-time UU Choir Director
A look at what we sing and hear in UU worship.

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