Summit Safety Tip for January 2018

Hi Summitarians,
Beginning this month, I will highlight an idea supporting safety on the SUUF property. For January 2018 I am describing some best practices for our existing key lock box system.
Committee chairs and recognized event leaders are given the codes to the lock boxes which hold the keys to unlock the doors of our meeting areas. The codes are distributed by our office administrator Linda Peck. The codes are changed from time to time for security purposes. The person unlocking a door is responsible for relocking a door at the end of the meeting.
Because keys have been misplaced a few times over the years, it is strongly recommended that anyone opening a lock box return that key to the lock box as soon as the door is unlocked. Please do not leave any Summit room key unsecured even for a short while. Please use the lock box code again when ready to relock the door at the end of your meeting. A key left out of the lock box even for a 1 hour meeting is a key unsecured. This best practice of returning keys to lock boxes immediately after unlocking and relocking a door prevents a key from being picked up or misplaced.
If you are having trouble with a lock box or believe it is not working properly, please contact Linda or myself as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campus as safe as possible.
Mark Weedman
SUUF Property Steward

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