Summit Safety Tip for February 2018

Hi Summitarians, 
For this month, we are focusing on our fire extinguishers at Summit.
We have six fire extinguishers mounted and ready to use in the following areas:
  •  Office: Located on the wall between the office closet and the restroom door.
  •  Library: Located on the wall just outside of the restroom door.
  •  Sanctuary (two): One is located next to the side door in the south east corner of the space. The other is at the west end of the room next to sound booth and choir.
  •  CRE: Located at the south end of the hallway which connects RE to the greeting room.
  •  Salon:  Above the center sink next to the wall clock.
All fire extinguishers are “ABC” capacity devices.
“A” capacity refers to fires of trash, wood, or paper,
“B” stands for flammable liquids, and
“C” refers to putting out an electrical source flame.

A fire safety professional checks all extinguishers every year to certify that they are fully charged and ready to use.
In addition, all areas in the main building are protected by an active fire suppression system.
Thank you for reading this month’s safety tip and for your support in keeping our campus as safe as possible.

Mark Weedman, SUUF Property Steward

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