MP3 Player Instructions

The Audio Player has several features you might find useful.

  • The window in the top half of the player gives the title of the audio, what stage the playing of the audio is in (Stopped, Playing, Paused, Connecting), the length of the recording and the time that has elapsed from when the playing of the recording was started.
  • The triangle button on lower right starts the playing of the audio and changes to a button with two vertical parallel lines.  Select this button to pause the audio.
  • The square button next to the triangle button will stop the audio and set it back to the beginning of the recording.
  • In the upper right hand corner of the player there is a small dark triangle.  This is a slider that controls volume.  Slide it to the left to lower the volume.
  • Select the rectangular button on the lower left side of the player to open the audio player window on your desktop.
  • You can download the audio to your computer by selecting the Download Sermon button.
  • When you first start playing an audio, the screen will get slightly darker starting on the left side.  The Player is loading the audio. This may happen so fast you will not notice it,
  • As the audio plays you will see the screen further darken from the left.  This shows the progression of the playing of the audio.  If you click anywhere in the window, the audio will play from that point.  This permits you to skip and/or replay parts of the audio.


Use your browser’s back-up arrow (upper left hand corner of page) to return to your audio player.


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