Registration & Login Instructions


To enter the Member Area, you must be registered.  Only “Friends” and “Members” of Summit are permitted to access this area.  To be considered a”Friend” or a “Member”,  your name must be in the booklet titled “Directory of Active Members and Friends” published by the Summit Office biannually.

Registration requires four steps.

    1. Select the red Register link above the Login Form on the Login Page.
    2. Complete the registration form.   The Username, Password and email address must be different than anyone else’s. The Username must have a least 4 characters and no spaces.
    3. Be sure to  keep a record of your Username and Password.
    4. When your status as a “Friend” or “Member” of Summit has been verified, you will be able to access the Member Area using the “username” and “password” entered above.  You will be notified by email when your registration has been activated.  Please allow one or two days for activation.

If family members have different last names, phone numbers or email address, it is better

for each member to register separately.

LOGIN Instructions

  1. Complete the log in form with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  2. Select LOGIN.

You will enter the Member Area after logging in.

If you leave the Member Area you can return by placing the cursor arrow on MEMBER LOGIN and selecting the Member Area button that will appear.

When you are finished it is best to select Log Out, which can be found at the bottom of most pages accessed from the Member Area.  Select that link to return to the Home Page.

Log Out


Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!