Peace Pole Project

The Peace Pole was dedicated on March 5th 2011.  The Peace Pole stands on the Southeast corner of the campus.

Prior to the unveiling, a service led by our  minister, Dr. Frank Placone-Willey with speakers from the San Diego community including Meredith Riffel of the Santee Collaborative. Rabbi Laurie Coskey of the Interfaith Committee for Workers Justice and Edgar Hopida of the San Diego Council on American-Islamic Relations. Well over 100 were in attendance including representatives from San Diego Cluster Congregations and members of the Santee community.

Peace Pole Funds – Based on a congregational survey, the following top two causes received over $750 from the left over Peace Pole funds:

1. SAY (Social Advocates for Youth) a local group that provides support to children, families and communities to overcome barriers including enabling young gang members to move forward to a more peaceful existence.

2.  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Teaching Tolerance Program whose mission is to foster school environments where equality and justice are not just taught, but lived.

Languages on Peace Pole: The following languages are found on our peace pole: English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Braille, Chinese, Hindi, Turkish, French, Kumeyaay, Japanese, Tibetan, and Hawaiian.

The Peace Pole Task Force

Gary Baldwin, Gwen Baldwin, Gwen Curry, Suzanne Ghorpade, Connie Henry, Joshua Lunn, Rene Schad, Deena Tuttle, and Elinor Weed


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