Become a Member

The Benefits of Being a Member

As a member, you become connected to the larger mission and work of Unitarian Universalists worldwide and, with your voice and vote, you can represent your interests as we make important decisions about our life and work together.

In making a public commitment to join with us in practicing and promoting the values reflected in our Principles and Purposes, the effects of your gifts, talents and resources will be multiplied, for the realization of a compassionate, just and sustainable society.
You automatically receive UUWorld, the informative and thought-provoking magazine published by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

With the approval of our congregation, you are eligible to represent our Fellowship at annual meetings of our Pacific Southwest District and our Association’s General Assembly.

You will experience the supportive community that comes with being part of an intentional spiritual community that seeks to include anyone who is interested in helping to build a happier, healthier world.

Take the following steps to join fully with us in celebrating, supporting, and shaping the Living Tradition of Unitarian Universalism here at Summit and the wider human community:

Attend an Inquirer’s Class and an Orientation for Newcomers. Meet with our Minister and other Members for a lively discussion about the history of our movement and our fellowship, and the benefits and responsibilities of membership. Check our website’s home page calendar for the dates of these events.

Sign the Membership Book and make a public commitment to membership on a Sunday when New Member Recognition is a part of our weekly Service.

Pledge your gifts of time, talent and resources to support our shared mission, and find volunteer opportunities within and on behalf of ourfellowship that best fit you and your interests.


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