“Coming of Age” Ceremony

Join us for a very special service on May 7th. One of the major rites of passage for UU teens is Coming of Age. This year we are celebrating seven youth who have been exploring their own spiritual beliefs and Unitarian Universalist identities over the past two months. These youth have met weekly with adult mentors and facilitators to explore and craft their own faith statement. This Sunday we will have the honor of bearing witness as they share their own personal credos. The youth have prepared a very special service and will be offering a peek into their experiences in the program though music and media. This is a milestone celebration in the life of our fellowship and we invite all to celebrate their achievement.

There is no audio available for this service at this time.

Speakers: Mary Carter-Vail, Director of Religious Exploration and the RE Committee – Lead by the Coming of Age Youth Group of 2017
Date: May 7, 2017

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