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The Universe Story

In this sermon, Rev. Don re-visits a favorite topic from his early sermons at Summit in the late nineties, namely Creation Spirituality and the work of Matthew Fox and Brian Swimme. Where are those thinkers today, and what effect has Creation Spirituality had on twenty-first century religion? Select the button in the lower right of […]

My Moral Compass

Our civil discourse of late has become fraught with blurred views of “right” and “wrong,” loose truths and “alternative facts.”  They will each speak about what has influenced their innate sense of right and wrong in their own moral development.  They will also take a look at who or what has had the most impact […]

Living With Your Own Mortality

“What happens when we die?” If we are nudged (or shoved) into exploring this question up close and personally through a life (or death) experience where do we go to find the answers which will satiate our curiosity and/or calm our fears? For most of us, the answers are rooted in our religious or non-religious […]

Pride and Joy: Celebrating LGBTQ Families

As San Diego celebrates LGBTQ Pride Weekend, join Rev. Don in celebrating all that we have done together to create and support LGBTQ families.  Don will share the stories of his own challenges of raising such a family in the early years, the support he found at Summit, and the many ways that such support […]

Toward a Culture of Spiritual Minimalism

Minimalism is all the rage. In this sermon, Rev. Don will take a look at ways that we can make our lifestyle a spiritual quest by examining the minimalist movement and the benefits it brings to so many people. Select the button in the lower right of the player to hear an audio of the […]

Make Your Own Manifesto

UU’s have Principles and Humanists have Manifestos. How can we use statements like these to guide our own spiritual journeys and set your own goals? In this sermon, Rev. Don will share how he has done this in his own life and present some ideas for use in your own. Select the button in the […]

A Leap into the Inconceivable

This Sunday service marks Rev. Frank’s last before going on sabbatical for the next 5 months. He will be talking with us about the meaning of sabbatical, expressing his gratitude for this unique opportunity, and sharing his plans for his time away. He will also remind us one more time that he is not leaving […]

On Being a Father

Enough maudlin sentimentality. Let’s consider together what it means to be a good father, and the impact of having or not having a good father. We are also honored to have member Ed Henry play the Hammered Dulcimer for us as a featured part of our service music. Select the button in the lower right […]

A Year of Making a Difference

Summit Youth and Children will lead this intergenerational service. They will be reporting on their social activism over the course of the 2016-17 school year. There will be a Bridging Ceremony to honor the transition of Nick Crowe and Lucas Weed into young adulthood and a special recognition of all who have volunteered to teach […]

A Life Worth Living

This Sunday we celebrate our common life with partners, families and friends in a fellowship that remains steadfastly committed to building a compassionate, just and sustainable world. In our service we will reflect on and reaffirm our commitments to one another in the context of a marriage renewal ceremony. We will elect our leadership and […]

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