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Songs of Peace and Resistance

From times ancient, calls for peace, justice and love have been expressed in the music of religious worship and mission. This Sunday, volunteers from our Summit Congregation will embody and lead us into a deeper appreciation of the role music has played, and still plays, in our prophetic Living Tradition. Come prepared to make a […]

Beyond the Veil: A personal view of Islam

Beyond the headlines and the fears there are millions of ordinary people trying to live their lives and find some solace and meaning in this religion. I have a very personal view of Islam since my first husband was an Iraqi veterinarian and I lived here in Baghdad from 1963-1970. In these difficult times we […]

What’s it Worth to You?

The Original Peoples of our land consciously acted with their ancestors and descendants in mind, living not just for themselves and their own individual gain in the present, but as ancestors-in-training for those who were yet to come. Such a view runs counter to the rampant selfishness and self-centeredness that threatens to overtake and dominate world […]

I Owe God a Death

When the illustrious philosopher, Socrates, was asked the key to an abundant life, he ironically answered: “practice dying.” I totally agree. When we release something or even someone every day, we are freer to live a fuller life. Consenting to die and saying goodbye to lost dreams, fading capacities, or irreconcilable bonds isn’t a depressing […]

Accidents Waiting to Happen?

The wheel of fortune is turning. A time of sea-change is upon us, and tsunami alarms are going off, warning us of the dangers inherent in the chaos and disruption of the lives we have taken for granted. We can live accidentally and reactively in relation to such current events–as cynical complainers and victims–or we can learn […]

Where to Invest?

Gratitude, graciousness, and generosity are among the greatest fruits of healthy spirituality. This Sunday Rev. Frank will invite us to focus on how a generous spirit can help us bring life into balance, in relation to the larger theme for this month at Summit, namely, how we are both blessed and challenged to live with […]

The FUUture: 2037

The future is full of unknowns and possibilities, and as youth we are often reminded that someday we will be making those possibilities a reality.  So, what kind of a world do we, Summit Youth, want to see?  What principles do we think are vital for a UUtopia?  In this year’s Youth service you will […]

Peace, Liberty and Justice for All

How far will you and I go in challenging the leaders in every part of our national and world society to direct their efforts, first and foremost, to the work of ensuring the right of every citizen to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”  This ideal of our nation’s founders was understood as a […]

Spirituality and Morality: A Community Dialogue

Unitarian President John Adams said, “Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our [U.S.] Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” As people with a spiritual commitment to love, justice, and sustainability, […]

What is Your Most Important Issue?

Summit UU’s theme for February is the sixth UU Principle: “World Community with Peace, Liberty and Justice for All.” World Community is impossible without attention to climate change. A recent article indicated that children in Madagascar are dying due to rich nations of the world producing the carbon that devastates people in poorer countries. However […]

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