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Come Again?

The Advent Season is traditionally a time for waiting and watching for the dawning of new possibilities and pathways to a better life and a better world. Rev. Frank will invite us to reflect upon our own “second (and third, and fourth, etc., etc,) comings,” and the opportunities we are repeatedly afforded for participating in […]

Holiday Play – CLUUE!

This year our Holiday Play was written by our own Elanor Spring! Come join us as questions are asked and mystery is explored. How do you celebrate the season? We will follow the clues to discover deeper meaning together. Date: December 10 Speakers: Children’s Religious Education There is no recording available for this service.

Running in the Right Direction

Rev. Frank returned refreshed and revived from his Sabbatical. Drawing on the quotation from the Poet Rumi engraved on the compass given to him before his departure (“Your heart knows the way. Run in that Direction!”), he shared some of his learnings over the past 5 months. Select the button in the lower right of […]

Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

Learning to appreciate the events that unknowingly influence our lives will be explored in the testimonies of Summitarians Janni Pedersen, Tyler Mitchell, and Merideth Leygraff.  Come listen to their stories of gratitude beyond Thanksgiving. Select the button in the lower right of the player to hear an audio of the sermon. It may take up […]

Where is home for you?

Once we knew where home was. Once we did not move as much as we routinely do now, once we did not have the opportunity to explore and travel. Home is more than a place it is s a sense of belonging, of safety. It is a place where faces may light up as we […]

The Soul of an Artist and the Saving Grace of Art

Art and religion are deeply intertwined and rooted in the soul’s search for meaning.  As long as humans have existed art has expressed our beliefs.  Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting – a wayside sacrament.” What does this mean in an age of […]

What Do We Do When Life Gets Stormy? A Personal Guide to Spiritual Life Preservers

We live in times of instant news and constant calamities. Our hearts hurt because we have compassion. Yet there is often very little we can personally do to help the suffering. Add to that the uncertainly and inevitable changes in our own lives and it can feel as if we are in a tiny boat […]

What Is UU Music?

A look at what we sing and hear in UU worship. Select the button in the lower right of the player to hear an audio of the sermon. It may take up to 30 seconds for the audio to begin. Note: the speaker may refer to slides presented during the service. You will not have […]

The Joy of Just Eating

Think you’ve heard about food and spirituality? Think again! Our guest speaker, a UU expert on the food and spirituality, will make the case for three counter-intuitive ways of thinking about food and faith. First, you are not what you eat. Second, rather than putting our faith into action, it’s better to take our faith […]

Spirituality within Religion and Beyond Belief

Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, all of us have encountered the depth of existence that reminds us that life is full of hope and dynamic possibility.  Do deeply meaningful moments arise randomly, or is there something we can do to invite them into our lives?  Come hear an unexpected perspective on “the […]

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