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On Being a Father

Enough maudlin sentimentality. Let’s consider together what it means to be a good father, and the impact of having or not having a good father. We are also honored to have member Ed Henry play the Hammered Dulcimer for us as a featured part of our service music. Select the button in the lower right […]

A Year of Making a Difference

Summit Youth and Children will lead this intergenerational service. They will be reporting on their social activism over the course of the 2016-17 school year. There will be a Bridging Ceremony to honor the transition of Nick Crowe and Lucas Weed into young adulthood and a special recognition of all who have volunteered to teach […]

A Life Worth Living

This Sunday we celebrate our common life with partners, families and friends in a fellowship that remains steadfastly committed to building a compassionate, just and sustainable world. In our service we will reflect on and reaffirm our commitments to one another in the context of a marriage renewal ceremony. We will elect our leadership and […]

The Rise and Fall of Everything

We are born to die. Nation’s rise and fall. Everything in the material world is subject to corruption, entropy and decay. So what’s the spiritual lesson to be discovered here? On this Memorial Day Weekend we will remember those who have died in U.S. military service, and reflect upon the help and healing we can […]

Dancing for Justice

Alice Walker wrote, “hard times require furious dancing.” Today we explore the way art and joy are connected to struggles for justice and a fulfilling life. We welcome to our pulpit the Rev. Elizabeth Bukey, Minister of Congregational Life at Chalice UU Congregation in Escondido, California.  Her work at Chalice Congregation focuses on social justice and membership. A lifelong UU, Rev. […]

A Mother’s Love

Motherhood: What a job! What a calling! What sacrifice! From Mother Earth to earthly and earthy mothers, come join us as we recognize and give thanks for the mothers and mothering influences who have cared for us and sustained us in life, sometimes in the face of the greatest threats and challenges life can offer. […]

“Coming of Age” Ceremony

Join us for a very special service on May 7th. One of the major rites of passage for UU teens is Coming of Age. This year we are celebrating seven youth who have been exploring their own spiritual beliefs and Unitarian Universalist identities over the past two months. These youth have met weekly with adult […]

Citizens from Another Country?

In the words of the old spiritual, “I am a pilgrim and a stranger, just travelin’ through this wearisome land.” Playing on this theme, Rev. Frank’s reflection will invite us to contemplate the ways in which the life of faith can effectively engage “the principalities and powers of wickedness” abroad in today’s world, and otherwise […]

A More Profound Alleluia: Music and Worship

What are we doing when we raise our voices in collective song?  When we speaker: chant dirges together?   Why is music so central to who we are as individuals? as a religious community?  We explored just what we’re doing as we make music together. We welcome to our pulpit Ian Riddell, Minister of Music […]

Celebrate Life!

On this Easter Sunday we will lift up both the Pagan and Christian themes of Easter, in a remembrance of the courage and witness of Norbet Capek and the Flower Communion he instituted in the face of nationalist and despotic oppression, and in our annual Easter Egg hunt for the younger children. All who attend […]

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