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What Past Presidents Were Afraid Would Happen

On this President’s Day weekend, we pause for a retrospective summary of what past American Presidents understood to be very real threats to our nation’s democracy, and to take a sober look at how some of what they feared most is being realized today. Finally, we will consider the moral and spiritual grounding and related […]

Saved from Our Spin

Pro-Life vs. Pro-choice. Liberal vs. Conservative. Socialized Medicine vs. Health-care for all. Undocumented vs. Illegal. Gun Control vs. Control by Guns. Democrats vs. Republicans. In the ubiquitous and futile blame-games that have taken over Washington and possessed social consciousness, we witness how “spin” is an inevitable part of the human condition. In this light-hearted reflection […]

Conjuring Justice-Spirit

We are pleased to have Dr. Coleman back in our pulpit this Sunday. Among other things, this service will be an extension and distillation of the previous day’s gathering of people from the Summit Community and beyond to explore what it means to “conjure justice” through art, writing and music. It is certain to be […]

“The Apocalypse We all Want

In times of great distress, many of us can find ourselves overwhelmed by feelings and forecasts of doom. Such experiences appear to be on the rise, but is there something of a silver lining behind the apocalyptic cloud. We find in the sources of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration available to us–especially in the sayings of […]

Sex in the Spiritual Community

Throughout history our thinking about sex and sexuality has been moralistic, repressive and poorly informed–ultimately alienating us from ourselves and others in very significant ways. In alignment with the humanistic influences of our Living Tradition, we UU’s have understood that nothing human (including our sexuality) is unworthy of our curiosity, care-full attention, and ethical experimentation. […]

A New Center for Dis-Ease Control

The hunger and struggle for power today is immense and destructive. Problems related to overpopulation, poverty, biological modification, and environmental change are only compounding this world-wide epidemic. How can we together begin to diagnose and effectively treat these dis-eases? Select the button in the lower right of the player to hear an audio of the […]

Gods’ No Return Policy

The default settings for human beings are now obsolete, and we are faced with figuring how, on our own and with each other’s help, to reprogram them. Do we want to continue living and contributing to the development of our Earth and our Universe? Here’s wishing you a metaphysical New Year! Select the button in […]

The Widening Gyre

Stability does not last. The “centers” of life we took for granted are not holding. Increasingly, hurtfulness and hatefulness are encroaching on our lives, and those of us who have rested so easily in the temporary bosom of white, middle-class life in these United States are being weaned to face a New Year that, without […]

A Dickens of a Christmas

In the character of Ebeneezer Scrooge created by Unitarian Charles Dickens we find the wide range of attitudes and behaviors available to us. For example, we can be fearful and focused on scarcity, or we can be loving and generous. Is conversion from the former to the latter even possible? This Christmas Eve come all […]

Darkness and Light: A Communal Reflection

On this morning before Christmas Day, Rev. Frank will host an informal gathering for guests and interested Summit Members in which together we will reflect upon the meaning of this Season of Lights for us and our particular life circumstances.  Come as you are, in your jeans or jammies, for an hour of community contemplation […]

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